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If you are interested in lessons at my studio in midtown Manhattan or through Skype, please contact me by clicking on the 'contact' tab.



basics: triad and 7th chord voicings and inversions on all string combinations, triad and 7th chord arpeggios in all positions, pentatonic, major, melodic/harmonic minor, diminished, augmented and whole step scales and modes in all positions, swing eighths note phrasing, right hand technique isometric exercises, left hand alternate picking exercises, jazz standard repertoire, transcription of influential (mostly) bebop solos, ear training, sight reading


advanced topics: compositional concepts, harmonic concepts: Messian modes, symmetrical/hybrid 8/9/10-tone scales, Lydian Chromatic Concept, advanced technical studies: wide intervals, economy picking, soloing over odd/mixed meters, rhythm studies, Soundpainting




While all of the above mentioned topics are important, guitarists sometimes tend to focus on the technical aspect of their instruments to an extent that makes them forget that jazz is primarily a language, a means of communicating ideas, in the moment. As a guitarist I am very much aware of this and address it in all my lessons. Learning the language is not a means in itself, it serves the purpose of expressing the inner spirit of our personalities.

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